Accidents Happen and They Come with a Price

Today is the first day of the last month to buy an individual health insurance policy for the 2014 enrollment season. Unless a qualifying event occurs, you’re not going to be able to buy a new individual health policy from Apr. 1 – Nov. 15, 2014.

Besides most likely having to pay a financial penalty you will have to pay all of your own medical bills if you remain uninsured.

Here are some average costs to put things into perspective:

  • Emergency Room visit, $150-$3,000+. (Not including ambulance service, up to $1,200+).
  • Broken arm without surgery $2,500+, with surgery $16,000+.
  • Broken leg without surgery $2,000+, with surgery $17,000-$35,000+.


Please call Koehler Koehler, Inc. today to get insured!