Koehler, Koehler Inc.

Koehler, Koehler Inc. (KKI) is a legacy insurance company that was founded in 1952 by Vincent Koehler in St. Charles, Illinois.  Specializing in group insurance, individual insurance and life insurance, KKI has been serving the Fox Valley and greater Chicagoland for over sixty years.  A family owned and operated business, KKI is now run by insurance experts and father-daughter team, Peter Koehler and Anna Koehler.

Since 1978, when Peter Koehler joined his father Vincent in the insurance business, the core product of KKI has been group and individual health insurance and life insurance benefits.  KKI has a long history of providing top quality insurance products and services to large and small companies in the area.  Peter and Anna have a deep industry knowledge and  good standing in the community, which are indicative characteristics of the insurance service and products provided by  Koehler, Koehler Inc.

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Vincent Koehler retired in 2001 and the third generation of the family-owned Chicagoland insurance company, Anna Koehler, joined the firm as partner in October of 2012.  The new generation of this 60+ year old company brings with her a modern approach and awareness of the ever-changing field of technology.  The specialized skill sets of KKI provide more than group and individual health benefits.  They offer assistance to families with individual insurance needs, estate planning guidance, and retirement planning funded by a mixture of annuities and life insurance.  KKI also works with businesses to offer group insurance coverage as well as business and succession planning services.

While Koehler, Koehler Inc. maintains business relationships that have been in existence for decades, they also bring a vitality to the insurance business in the Fox Valley.  Memberships in local organizations including the St. Charles and Fox Valley Chambers of Commerce, and continuing education keep this legacy family business on the cutting edge of the insurance world and providing the top notch services that clients have relied upon for generations.

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